Medicare and Acupuncture: Where do we stand?

Medicare and Acupuncture: Where do we stand?


Medicare covers acupuncture, but does not cover Acupuncturists.
Help support H.R. 3133, The Acupuncture for Our Seniors Act, which would enable Medicare to cover acupuncturists 

Passage of this bill would

  Allow Licensed Acupuncturists to independently treat and bill Medicare for chronic low back pain (1)

  Influence insurance coverage of acupuncture by other insurance carriers 


How you can help support this Bill

Contact your U.S. Representative: Simply text any of the phrases below to 52886. 

After sending your text, follow the generated link to a composed email and X message that you can send to your U.S. Representatives as is, or modify to provide additional information. 

“Acupuncture Patient” – Non-Medicare patients seeking support for H.R. 3133 “Senior Citizen” – Prospective and current patients of acupuncture who are Medicare beneficiaries 

“Acupuncture Ally” – Allies (non-acupuncture providers, family members of patients, patient advocacy groups, community members, etc.) of the acupuncture profession seeking support for H.R. 3133 

Example: If you’re a non-Medicare patient, type Acupuncture Patient and send to 52886. If you’re a Medicare beneficiary, type Senior Citizen and send it to 52886. 

● Virtually meet with your U.S. Representative. As a constituent your voice plays a critical role in raising awareness and generating support for Medicare recognition. Simply follow this link or use the QR code below to sign up for a meeting. The ASA/NCCAOM team will take care of everything (scheduling your meeting, sending you talking points, preparing you for the meeting) and will participate in these meetings with you. All you need to do is sign up, show up, and tell your story! 


1 Currently acupuncture is approved to treat cLBP with conditions.